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Madeline Rector is a Texas-based artist who specializes in oil painting and collages. She is most known for her realistic mosaic portraiture made from recycled magazines. She has made appearances on media outlets such as The Kelly Clarkson Show, Buzzfeed News, INSIDER, CBS, NBC, UNILAD and many more.  

Madeline: "Ever since I was a kid, my grandfather has been giving me magazines. Every Sunday after church, my family would go eat lunch with my grandparents. My sister and I were just kids and got very bored at the table. Noticing this, my sweet Pops gave my sister and me a magazine or two to fill our time. They usually consisted of Birds and Blooms, Audubon and, my personal favorite, National Geographic. My sister and I collected these for years until, one day, I decided to make use of them instead of letting them sit in the back of my closet for years. Then the magic began! Ever since then, I have been creating these mosaic pieces with my Pops in mind. I call them Magazine mosaics."



The element of these mosaics that is most impacting is how they are affected by light. Depending on the positioning of a light source(s) the piece will appear different. If you position a light directly above the artwork, the edge of every single piece of paper will illuminate, creating a striking, cracked look, like shattered stained-glass. There is something beautiful about the contrast of the seemingly-harsh, rough edges of the individual pieces of paper and the multidimensional, almost translucent, aspects of a portrait.

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