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Specific request? Fill out my commission form below!

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Magazine Mosaic



Commission Form


No one commission is like another! My prices are based primarily on size, medium, and the subject matter of your photo. This way, I can give you the most fair price to fit your request! For info on prices specific to your commission, please fill out the commission form below, and I will get back with you. Or, email me at with any photo(s), medium(s), and/or sizes you are interested in. Also, don't be afraid to include a budget or request a deadline. I am always open to working with my prospective clients needs! Thank you!  


Additional Info (Optional)

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What subject matter are you interested in having recreated?
How many subjects are in your image? (Number of people, animals, etc.)

Thanks for submitting! I will review your request as soon as possible.

Request Form


Filling out this form is in no way a finalized commitment. It's just the first step of the process. Once you have completed the form showing your interest, you will receive an email with more details including info on any potential waiting list and prices.  If you do not receive an email within a week, it has nothing to do with your commission. You are either on my waiting list or I am overbooked and not able to respond to all requests. Thank you for your patience and understanding!  

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